November 20th “Medicare Trends and Updates

November 20th “Medicare Trends and Updates

November 20, 2019 @ 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Brecksville Community Center
One Community Drive
Brecksville, OH

Speakers for this presentation are:
Jaime Lebron, National Sales Director, Cornerstone Senior Marketing
Tim Shook, Vice President – Individual & Senior, Cornerstone Senior Marketing

What will be covered in this presentation:

  1. Medicare Supplement in 2020 
  1. What are the changes?
  2. Who does this impact?
  1. LTC & Ancillary Benefits in MA Plans 
  1. What can plans now include?
  2. What should we expect for 2020 MA plan filings?
  1. Lessons Learned from new Open Enrollment Period 
  1. How did agents attempt to market compliantly?
  2. How did this impact sales or movement?
  1. Gain in MA Market Share 
  1. MA gain in share over last 2-4 years vs MedSupp membership
  2. What does this say about consumers wants and needs
  1. Availability and Adoption of Online Enrollment 
  1. Increased availability of online avenues for consumer enrollment
  2. How should brokers react to stay with the market


  1. MACRA 2020 Enters the Market 
  1. What it does?
  2. What it doesn’t do?
  1. What about Plan F
  1. Existing Plan F policies?
  2. Potential Plan F increases?
  3. Options for current Plan F members?
  1. Affect on Consumer Purchasing 
  1. Med-Supp product share?
  2. Medicare Claims scenario?
  1. Impact on Medicare Advantage Plans 
  1. MA growth?
  1. MACRA Rules 
  1. Carrier – Broker?
  2. Watch for dates?
  3. Summary
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